What Are Classifiers?

At each MPSA match we shoot a classifier stage. The purpose of these classifier stage are to classify each shooter according to their skill level. In USPSA competition a shooter only competes against shooters of their own skill level at major matches (state, regional, and special matches). This approach keeps a new shooter from having to compete against a seasoned Grand Master class shooter and offers them the chance to win a competition withing their own skill level. This is much like the handicap system applied to golf.

Do I need to be classified to shoot with MPSA?
No, you don't even have to be a member of USPSA to shoot with us and enjoy our local matches. It will, however, help you track your progress as a shooter and see where you stand against other shooters locally and across the country. Remember, it is all about fun and improvng your shooting skills.

Earning A Classification
To become classified, you must be a USPSA member. A member must have at least four valid scores from different classifier courses in a specific Division in the USPSA database. If more than four scores are in the database when the averages are calculated, the best four of the most recent six valid scores will be used. Any scores in excess of the most recent six valid scores are not used for the initial classification. Those scores over the most recent six may be used at the next monthly reclassification if they are within the most recent eight scores. Most of the scores will come from classifier courses set up by USPSA affiliated clubs. The clubs are responsible for setting up these stages according to exact specifications and for administering them uniformly. They are part of the club's monthly match, are included in the calculation of the match results, and are submitted for national classification of the member.

All valid classification scores received at National Headquarters by the 10th of each month are entered into the computer before the classification program calculates averages, unless there is a problem with the paperwork submitted by the club. After the scores have been entered and verified as correct, the computer calculates a current average for those who have become eligible for a classification and generates a classification card. These cards are mailed out around the 15th of the month.

Classification Bracket Percentages
Classifier scores are submitted from all USPSA affiliated clubs and entered into the USPSA database. Submitted scores are compared to the best available (100%) and members are classified within the division or divisions in which they've chosen to compete, based on their percentage of the high scores.

  • Grand Master 95 to 100%
  • Master 85 to 94.9%
  • A 75 to 84.9%
  • B 60 to 74.9%
  • C 40 to 59.9%
  • D 2 to 40%

Classifier Stage Examples
USPSA publishes specific classifier stages for which scores fired by the best shooters in the world are available, and distributes these stages to the affiliated clubs. Here are a few links to some of the more common classifier stages: